#821: Nufonia Must Fall

21 Sep

You know how when you witness something incredible by yourself, you wish everyone you ever cared about was there too, because you want them to have this feeling you have of surprised euphoria?  So they can understand what you’re talking about when you talk about it after, too, but mainly just so they can feel the happiness piercing their skin and seeping into their veins because it’s such a singular sensation you can’t possibly describe it using words?

But then at the same time, you’re kind of pleased you’re alone for it because you’re a tiny bit scared that if you were with those people–even though these are people you love and trust and connect with–they might not feel the way you do and then it would tarnish the memory just a little?

That’s how I felt seeing Nufonia Must Fall at BAM.  If I tried to tell you what it was, I’d say it was a show based on a graphic novel created by a Canadian DJ called Kid Koala, where onstage there was a string quartet, a DJ producing sounds and mixing music, and miniature sets with puppets controlled by people that were being filmed and projected onto a screen in real time so the result was like a live movie of a robot love story where you could see behind the scenes.

I’m not going to try, though, because it wouldn’t come close to conveying how entertaining it was.

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