#822: Tryon Public House

23 Sep

Without fail, when given the option, I will order the grilled sandwich with the crust that practically punctures the roof of my mouth, making it sore for days.

I never remember this unpleasant aspect of grilled sandwiches until it’s too late–until the plate of food has arrived on the table, and the sandwich appears so delectable there’s no way I could just choose not to eat it.  (That’s wasting food, anyway, which is also something I just can’t do.)

So I am in pain today thanks to the short rib grilled cheese sandwich at Tryon Public House.  Yet I am not upset about this because it was worth it.  And I will forget all about the pain the next time a menu lists a sandwich with meat and cheese and who am I kidding just the cheese is good enough.

I guess it’s like childbirth.  If we remembered how badly it hurt we’d never do it again.  Like having kids, having a grilled sandwich improves my life so much that I can’t explain it to anyone who hasn’t gone through it themselves.

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Posted by on September 23, 2015 in Food/Drink


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