#823: Win Cranium

28 Sep

Full disclosure: I’ve only ever played Cranium once before.  Fuller disclosure: Cranium is really difficult.

Or maybe it’s just that we were playing the UK version.  No, it’s just plain difficult–mostly because of how much it relies on luck.

The cards like to make it seem like you’re in full control–just draw this animal, or unscramble these letters, or act out this person and you’ll win–but when one team gets to play regular pictionary and you have to draw something with your eyes closed, it’s not exactly fair.

Which was why the fact that my team ended up winning was astonishing to me.  We did pretty well overall, both with successfully completing the tasks and getting good positions on the board with the dice, but the most impressive round had to be when I was supposed to draw a walrus with my eyes closed.

I’m not sure I can draw a recognizable walrus using all of my senses.  Yet somehow, despite the worn-down pencil I was using barely making visible lines on the page, my partner called out, “Walrus!” within 7 seconds of the start of the round.

Some people’s significant others cook them fancy meals, or give them massages, or take them to see a play, and these are all perfectly fine ways to show affection.  I’ll take an incredible win at a board game any day.

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