#826: Dog film festival

04 Oct

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I think something along the lines of a pretentious, artsy presentation of films that featured dogs.

That’s sort of what I got, except the films were all made by people who didn’t care about the artsy aspect at all and probably didn’t care if anyone liked them, as long as they got to show them in a theater on the Upper West Side to all of their Upper West Side friends.

To be honest, since moving to Astoria 3 years ago, I’d sort of forgotten the Upper West Side type of person was so prevalent in certain areas of the city.  When I lived on the Upper East Side, there was definitely a bit of it.  But the Upper West Side yuppie is a breed all its own.

And though I’m sure the film festival was very entertaining to these people, I left after a half hour, had lunch at a diner, and was cozy on the couch eating Oreo cheesecake by the time the festival was supposed to be over.  So I did end up enjoying myself; too bad it had nothing to do with the movies.

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