#828: Cook corn on the cob

07 Oct

I’ve never liked corn on the cob.  I like the taste, and I like the texture, but I hate eating it.  The fact that it’s so messy is bad, but the worst is how it gets stuck in your teeth.  So the effort has never been worth it to me.  Even when I was younger, before I had an obsession with making sure things aren’t stuck in my teeth, I had my dad cut the corn off the cob for me.

So it makes sense that I’d never cooked it for myself before.

But when a coworker offered it to me because she had too many ears as part of a farmshare, I agreed to take it off her hands.

And surprise!  It’s really easy to cook!

And surprise!  It’s delicious!

I did cut it off the cob before eating because in some ways I am still an 8-year-old, but I believe cooking this corn has really gone a long way toward establishing myself as someone who one day might be capable of making entire meals for her family.

Bonus: in the same night, I also grilled my chicken perfectly, which hardly ever happens.

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