#831: Watch The Great British Baking Show

13 Oct

When I told my boss about the pie I’d baked, he told me he’d started watching The Great British Baking Show.

Apparently, when the most recent season finale aired, 40% of the UK watched it.

Which is crazy.

But then you watch it and realize why.  Or at least, as an American, I can tell you why.

It’s technically a cut-throat competition, but it’s all so calm and quiet, you’d think these people really are just relaxing in their homes baking cakes and cookies.  (Sorry, I mean biscuits.)

Even when they say they’re stressed, they’re demonstrating the cool collected behavior particular to the British.  While normally, people reacting calmly in situations that should drive them crazy can get on my nerves–since I’m not one to practice this restraint–watching this show actually makes me feel calmer.  While usually, hearing British accents outside of work just reminds me of work, on this show, they’re almost delightful.  And while often, having to interpret British slang or colloquialisms can get tiring for me, when said on this show, they’re nearly charming.

Both of the judges are nice.  The competitors have never once said anything bad about a fellow competitor (at least up to the second episode).  When someone has to leave, the hosts give them a hug.

It might be the most non-American cooking competition show ever–and it’s wonderful.

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