#832: DuMont Burger

15 Oct

What kind of person goes to a notable burger restaurant and orders a turkey burger?

The eternally optimistic kind.

Because I know a turkey burger isn’t going to be nearly as delicious as a regular burger, but some small part of me occasionally spurs me to try one with the hope that maybe just once the healthier option will actually taste good.

It never does.

I thought if any restaurant would be able to serve up a good turkey burger, a renowned burger joint could do it. Not this one.  Granted, the burger was juicier than most turkey burgers, but the flavors were not great and it was nowhere near something that should be sold under the label of “burger.”  If I were craving a burger–which I wasn’t, which is why I attempted this inane experiment in the first place–this turkey burger would never suffice.

And that’s my own fault for ordering it.  But the waitress also told me yes when I asked whether it was good.

I guess, looking back, she’s not going to say it’s bad, because what’s the point?  Everyone already knows that. It’s a turkey burger.

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Posted by on October 15, 2015 in Food/Drink


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