#834: Burnside Biscuits

25 Oct

When this restaurant first opened in the spot that used to be–for years–a Greek neighborhood diner-esque spot, I thought there was no way it could stay in business.  The space is huge by NYC restaurant standards, and even as much as Astoria has begun to emulate the Brooklyn of 5-7 years ago, I thought the clientele who would flock to an overpriced biscuit establishment couldn’t possibly be enough to sustain the rent of the place.

Reviews weren’t very good.  Real people who went there said it was okay.  There was only one way to find out for sure, so that’s what I finally did.

And a half hour after ordering brunch, I had food in front of me.  I don’t care how good it is, I’m going to deem it not worth it for a wait that long in any restaurant not packed to the brim.

The food was fine.  Overpriced, which I guess is how they do sustain themselves.  But if this restaurant survives another couple of years, I’ll be shocked.  No matter how much you aspire to turn Astoria into Williamsburg, it isn’t.  So things you can get away with there just aren’t going to fly here.

I say that knowingly perfectly well in 5 years Astoria could be exactly like the Wiliamsburg of 1-2 years ago.  I say that in the hope that if we all say that, then it will somehow stop the moving forward of time.

Worth a shot, right?

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