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#847: Play Euchre

I claim I hate games, but that’s not true. I love card games and board games and non-card-or-board games. If it’s a game that isn’t played in the classroom, as something designed to break ice, or with a controller, I probably like it.

But I don’t pick up new games quickly, and learning to play Euchre was no different. The main thing you need to understand when you’re playing this card game is that some cards are not what they say they are. Each round, one of the Jacks changes suit. Sounds simple enough, right?

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#846: Watch the Thanksgiving parade balloons get inflated

I’ve spent 9 Thanksgivings in the city.  (One year my family went to Florida.) Yet I’ve never been to the parade, or even ventured to the pre-Thanksgiving event of watching the parade balloons being blown up.

By now, this activity has become like any free thing in NYC: extremely crowded. Luckily, I accidentally–seriously, I wasn’t trying to do this–got into the viewing area near the end instead of at the beginning, so I avoided both waiting in line (if there was one even as early as I went) and having to slowly maneuver my way around babies and cameras and adults who will stand right next to you to take a picture but not bother to actually say excuse me so you could just move out of the way. At least, I avoided having to do this for longer than the 5 minutes I stayed.

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#845: Win something on eBay

Granted, the reason I’ve never won anything on eBay before is because I never bid on anything, but still, this is a big deal.

Actually, precisely because I never tried before, it’s a huge deal.

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#844: The Baroness

Beer. Burgers. Books. Bananagrams.

Put them all together and you have an extremely satisfying experience at a Long Island City bar.

Though the food was fantastic, the drinks decent, and the company great, the part I appreciated the most about this establishment was how cozy it was. Read the rest of this entry »

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#843: Watch The Conversation

I’m not going to say I’m completely okay with the surveillance-heavy world we live in. I’m not going to say I don’t cringe to think of all the information Google knows about me.  I can’t say I don’t hate the thought of anyone on a computer being able to pull up details about myself I probably don’t even know. I wouldn’t tell you I’m totally at ease with the notion that at any given moment, my iPhone is transmitting things into the mysterious cloud that I can never retrieve, let alone hide. Read the rest of this entry »

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#842: Play Forbidden Island

“I don’t remember exactly how to play, but we can just figure it out.”

Yeah.  No.  This is not that sort of game.

Even after being told the rules, it still took me a few rounds to remember all of the things I was supposed to do, and it took both of us almost the entire game to remember we each had a card that would give us a special ability.

Not that having at least 10 rules automatically makes a board game bad. Rules don’t have to be terrible.  They do have to be limiting (unless the rule is that you can do whatever you want, in which case it probably wouldn’t be a rule since that seems to be most people’s de facto status anyway).  But limits can be good. Read the rest of this entry »

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#841: Celebrate Diwali

Not as in for real.  Not as in the actual traditions.  Not even as in watching The Office “Diwali” episode (Netflix was down).

But I did try Soan Papdi because a coworker brought them back from a trip to India.

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