#840: Try an adult coloring book

09 Nov

As much as I’ve always loved coloring books, I’ve had negative feelings about the so-called “adult coloring book” craze.

For one reason, it makes it seem as though adults shouldn’t be using coloring books unless the images are specifically made with them in mind.  I don’t own any children’s coloring books, but if I did, I would have just as much fun coloring in Big Bird or Dora or whoever kids like these days as I did filling in the intricate patterns of my adult book.

For another, the intricate patterns of my adult book were hard to color!  Your colored pencils need to be perfectly pointed if you’re going to even attempt to stay in the lines of the designs in the book I got.  It took me about 20 minutes just to shade in one small box on a page of multiple patterns.

To be fair, the coloring book I bought is named The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Volume 2 and is intended for “anti-stress art therapy,” and it took me years to understand the practice of mindfulness in the original sense.  So maybe spending a half hour with less than sharp pencils–because I was too lazy to go look for the sharpener I’m sure I have hiding somewhere in my 200 square foot apartment–by someone who has, to date, only found one activity that even comes close to shutting off her mind (I know mindfulness isn’t about stopping the brain from thinking, but I think we can all agree that’s also a good idea sometimes) isn’t giving it a real chance.  Maybe I’ll have to try again before I discover the calming effect this writer immediately found.

I will try it again because it’s coloring.  But I will definitely make sure to find my pencil sharpener before I do.

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