#841: Celebrate Diwali

11 Nov

Not as in for real.  Not as in the actual traditions.  Not even as in watching The Office “Diwali” episode (Netflix was down).

But I did try Soan Papdi because a coworker brought them back from a trip to India.

The office’s reaction (not The Office‘s reaction, though I imagine it may have been similar) was to let the treat sit on the table for an entire day before anyone had the courage to open the package.  Then, the first person who did took one look and left it there.  Finally, the brave–or hungry; you be the judge–among us cut off a piece and ate it.

I’m trying to avoid desserts as much as I can in a last-ditch effort to get rid of the illness that’s been plaguing me all year, but I figured I could try the Soan Papdi because it was almost Diwali.  Now that I’ve tried them, I can also justify it by saying they taste nothing like a dessert.

The words my coworkers used to describe them included Saltines, stuffing, Froot Loops, and marzipan.

So…there you have it?  Not really, because my coworkers were all Americans who have a limited vocabulary when it comes to food items not dipped in fat or fried in chocolate.

I’m not saying I particularly enjoyed the treat either, but at least I didn’t make a big scene about the fact that I thought it tasted like soap.

Also, for the record, I do not actually think tentatively tasting an Indian snack constitutes as celebrating Diwali.

As soon as Netflix was back up, I watched The Office “Diwali” episode.

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