#842: Play Forbidden Island

16 Nov

“I don’t remember exactly how to play, but we can just figure it out.”

Yeah.  No.  This is not that sort of game.

Even after being told the rules, it still took me a few rounds to remember all of the things I was supposed to do, and it took both of us almost the entire game to remember we each had a card that would give us a special ability.

Not that having at least 10 rules automatically makes a board game bad. Rules don’t have to be terrible.  They do have to be limiting (unless the rule is that you can do whatever you want, in which case it probably wouldn’t be a rule since that seems to be most people’s de facto status anyway).  But limits can be good.

Much like a child needs structure, adults need limits.  Why?  Why can’t we just do whatever we want whenever we want like the minds of our childhood selves assumed would be the case?

Well, you can.  But it’s tiring.  And more than that, I highly suspect it isn’t worth it.  Give me a limit and I can either choose to defy it or abide by it, sure, but simply having it is comforting.

In a world where the unspeakable–the unimaginable–seems to occur all the time, I’ll take a few strict rules that actually mean something wherever I can get them.

Which is why, though it was confusing to learn, I did end up liking Forbidden Island.  It didn’t hurt that we (it’s a collaborative game) won.

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