#843: Watch The Conversation

19 Nov

I’m not going to say I’m completely okay with the surveillance-heavy world we live in. I’m not going to say I don’t cringe to think of all the information Google knows about me.  I can’t say I don’t hate the thought of anyone on a computer being able to pull up details about myself I probably don’t even know. I wouldn’t tell you I’m totally at ease with the notion that at any given moment, my iPhone is transmitting things into the mysterious cloud that I can never retrieve, let alone hide. I’m not going to pretend that if we reach the point where Google Glass is all over the place telling people I’m right around the corner, I’m not going to run away into the woods and live off the land for as long as I can survive on my own, which is probably about 17 hours.

But now that I’ve seen The Conversation, I’m going to be even more careful when I check into a hotel room that has an adjoining door.

Without giving away any part of the plot of this movie that I watched purely because I was home sick and it was on someone’s random list of movies not to miss on Netflix, I will simply say that if you’re on the brink of being a person described as paranoid, watching it will push you over the edge.

I’m typing this right now from the middle of the woods.

No I’m not. Which you obviously know, because you’re watching me right now, aren’t you?

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