#844: The Baroness

22 Nov

Beer. Burgers. Books. Bananagrams.

Put them all together and you have an extremely satisfying experience at a Long Island City bar.

Though the food was fantastic, the drinks decent, and the company great, the part I appreciated the most about this establishment was how cozy it was.

Not that it was even seasonably cold out last night (and definitely not that I’m complaining!) but it was chilly enough so that the instant blast of heat I felt after walking in the door was remarkably refreshing. The little area in the back separated from the rest of the tables and bordered with bookshelves was the next cozy touch. Sitting at a high table right next to the open door and not feeling the breeze from outside helped solidify the intense warmth. The heat emanating from the pipes in the tiny restroom only sealed the deal.

I found my new winter hangout.

Unfortunately, The Baroness is a train ride away from my apartment in anything but spectacular weather, so I won’t be making the trip as much as I would if it were more convenient. Fortunately, it’s not that convenient to anyone, so I’m hoping it remains as uncrowded-on-a-Saturday-night as it was yesterday.

I mean, a few people can come so it stays in business, but just don’t tell everyone you know. In return, I will save you the book nook in the back with a view of the burger grill. Deal?

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