#847: Play Euchre

29 Nov

I claim I hate games, but that’s not true. I love card games and board games and non-card-or-board games. If it’s a game that isn’t played in the classroom, as something designed to break ice, or with a controller, I probably like it.

But I don’t pick up new games quickly, and learning to play Euchre was no different. The main thing you need to understand when you’re playing this card game is that some cards are not what they say they are. Each round, one of the Jacks changes suit. Sounds simple enough, right?

Wrong. Every time, even though I knew the Jack of hearts was now the Jack of diamonds, or I told myself the Jack of spades was the Jack of clubs, I kept getting confused when someone would play the card that was masquerading as another card. The whole thing was made even more difficult by the fact that we were playing with a deck of cards shaped like Easter eggs and colored in multiple pastel shades, so you couldn’t even use the color of the card to aid your memory of the shifts.

To someone who likes straightforward rules, having to remember that you’re pretending one card is another card for an entire round–even though each round only lasts 5 minutes–can get exhausting. Why can’t the cards just be what they look like? Why the facade? Why the false labels? Why can’t you just see a Jack of clubs and know that’s a Jack of clubs?

Well, because apparently Euchre is also a metaphor for life, and in life it’s just not that easy to look at something and know exactly what it is by the way it’s designed or what color it is.

And also, I think whoever made up Euchre wanted to drive people crazy.

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