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#854: See a movie in 70 mm film

I’m betting there are some deep meanings to be found in Tarantino’s latest film.  I’m sure those who are more familiar with messages and metaphors infused into cinematic experiences can explain how the plot–that, if you’ve seen any of Tarantino’s other movies, you’ll recognize–of lying and killing is actually a grand statement on something.

But I can say, after having given 3 hours of my life to the experiment, that I don’t care if the film was projected slide by slide by tiny kittens–it was too long. Read the rest of this entry »

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#853: Make fondant

It was pouring rain as only a dreary Monday in New York City can. I was struggling to transport a huge cooler with a cake inside, a giant gift bag with presents inside, a duffle bag, and my usual purse from Astoria to Washington Heights. The bus was the most direct route.

The bus and I, we’ve had our disagreements in the past. Read the rest of this entry »

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#852: Watch Star Wars

The final human who has (always with the ability and technology to do so) not seen even one of the Star Wars movies has now seen all 3 in one day. Read the rest of this entry »

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#851: Get a tattoo

I always had a feeling people who said getting a tattoo didn’t hurt and just felt “annoying” were lying. There’s no way repeatedly jabbing a needle into your skin cannot hurt, I thought.  These people were obviously just trying to be cool by saying it not only didn’t hurt but in some cases actually felt good.

But I never knew for sure.  And after I had an allergy test and was told a tattoo feels like that, I really started to wonder.  Maybe somehow, for some reason, a needle going into this particular layer of your skin missed the pain sensors and approached the pleasure ones.  Maybe it defied science and logic.

Maybe they were just lying. Read the rest of this entry »

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#850: See Sens8

Play on words, weird realities. Sens8 has the trappings of a show I would like. Of course, this makes me seem way easier to please than I am when it comes to TV shows. It also sweeps aside the inescapable fact that I had no idea what was going on for a lot of the first episode.

To some, that’s intriguing. To me, it’s frustrating. It’s why my brother hates watching movies with my sisters and me. It’s why I’m considered an anxious person. It’s why I drive people crazy asking questions they can’t answer.

It’s also why I’m not sure if I liked the show, and I’m not sure I want to keep watching it. Read the rest of this entry »

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#849: Read Infinite Home

Before hearing what I’m going to say about this book, you should know I generally have no interest in reading extensive details. I don’t need a lengthy description of a character’s background or motives or personality. I like plot and dialogue, preferably those that move quickly.

So. Read the rest of this entry »

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#848: Eat eggplant parm pizza

When I had the unassuming slice (as opposed to your typical arrogant piece of pizza) yesterday, I felt gleeful in a way only those who place immense importance on the act of eating can. “How have I never had this before?” I thought, and then said out loud.

When I sat down to write about this pizza today, the experience seemed no less wonderful, but it felt slightly vapid in light of today being yet another day filled with news of mass shootings. So I had a type of pizza I’d never tried before and it was surprisingly delicious. That’s important? That’s worthy of tapping my fingers on the keys for? That’s worth wasting precious minutes of my life on?

And you know, I decided that yes, it is. Because not everyone gets to taste this tantalizing flavor.

You probably–though I’m no expert–don’t taste much when you’re dead. Read the rest of this entry »

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