#850: See Sens8

10 Dec

Play on words, weird realities. Sens8 has the trappings of a show I would like. Of course, this makes me seem way easier to please than I am when it comes to TV shows. It also sweeps aside the inescapable fact that I had no idea what was going on for a lot of the first episode.

To some, that’s intriguing. To me, it’s frustrating. It’s why my brother hates watching movies with my sisters and me. It’s why I’m considered an anxious person. It’s why I drive people crazy asking questions they can’t answer.

It’s also why I’m not sure if I liked the show, and I’m not sure I want to keep watching it. Shows that require a long investment before being hooked are the norm these days, and I’m pretty sure it’s all thanks to Netflix, since without the option to binge-watch a series, many of the hits would likely flop. If you have to wait an entire week to find out what happens next, these days, that feels like an eternity, even to those of us who do understand the concept of waiting calmly.

You’d think I’d be appreciative of this shift in television considering my desire to know what’s happening at any given moment (both on the screen and off). And yet, there’s something less satisfying in knowing you’re able to answer all of your questions all at once, as long as you have the ability to make it through 6 hours of plot in one sitting.

I don’t know what I’m advocating for at this point–nothing, I think. But it has somehow convinced me to give Sens8 another try.

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