#851: Get a tattoo

13 Dec

I always had a feeling people who said getting a tattoo didn’t hurt and just felt “annoying” were lying. There’s no way repeatedly jabbing a needle into your skin cannot hurt, I thought.  These people were obviously just trying to be cool by saying it not only didn’t hurt but in some cases actually felt good.

But I never knew for sure.  And after I had an allergy test and was told a tattoo feels like that, I really started to wonder.  Maybe somehow, for some reason, a needle going into this particular layer of your skin missed the pain sensors and approached the pleasure ones.  Maybe it defied science and logic.

Maybe they were just lying.

The only way to find out was to try it myself.  While in no way did that factor into the reasons why I decided to get a tattoo after considering it for 2 years, it was just one perk of lying on my back for an hour, gripping the table behind my head while ink was carefully deposited into my skin.

And guess what.  They’re either lying, or just really, really good at fooling themselves, because getting a tattoo hurts as you would imagine breaking into your skin over and over while sober would.

It was annoying though also–intense pain that you brought upon yourself certainly is.


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