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#863: Have a wedding date

With how much I’ve always wanted this, and how close I’ve been to having this in the past only to miss out on this, and just keeping in mind the general “things are never as good as you build them up to be in your mind” rule of thumb for life, you might guess that having a date for a wedding for the first time would be a let-down.

But it was exactly as fun as I’d imagined it would be. Read the rest of this entry »

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#862: Make an oath

The fact that I had to send in a statement along with proof that I paid for a bus ride with my unlimited-ride MetroCard one night because the officer lied to me when he said the MTA could look up my card if I called the office infuriated me enough. The fact that I had to get it notarized made me even more annoyed.

“I assume you’re telling the truth, but I need to ask–are you making an oath,” the notary at the bank said, “or am I just acknowledging your statement?” He gave me a knowing look like he was amused, like of course I was telling the truth, like why would I actually try to skip out on a $2.50 bus ride.

I stared at him. “Uh…it’s for a ticket that I’m pleading not guilty for, so probably an oath, right?” Read the rest of this entry »

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#861: Neptune Diner

This diner is nothing special, probably, but the fact that I’ve lived close to it for over 3 years meant that I needed to visit it.

It’s big, and you see its sign when taking the bus to the airport through Astoria, and apparently David Bowie ate there in a movie, which may be the closest I’ll ever come to interacting with a celebrity, so that adds to its specialness, I suppose.

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#860: Play Powerball

I’ve never had good luck–or at least that’s what I say. Others say you make your own luck, and still others say that whether you think you have good luck or not, you’re right. But just trust me when I tell you if something is based solely on luck, I’m not going to be a winner. (The only things I’ve ever won have been those that relied on at least some skill or talent, including guessing how many candies were in a jar, which I used math to calculate.)

Add that to the fact that in a methods course in college, we had to determine the odds of winning the lottery, and you can see how that was enough to convince me I didn’t need to test the numbers.

So I would never play Powerball, even if the prize were over $1 billion, which it was yesterday.

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#859: Georgia Aquarium

This aquarium is the largest in the western hemisphere, so it gives visitors plenty of opportunity to showcase how otherwise intelligent human beings can be incredibly rude and insensitive.

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#858: Run in Atlanta

As I ran in the early morning darkness (the sun rises late here compared to NYC and I had to work early, so it wasn’t the best timing on my part), I found myself hyper aware of my surroundings.

That’s just good sense in a strange city, especially without the light of day around to make things look less dangerous, and I would have been paying close attention in a new place no matter what. But as I sprinted past the homeless and aimless population of downtown in the pre-dawn stillness, I couldn’t stop thinking of a recent incident in New York where a woman was sliced on her face by a seemingly random man walking by in the still-dark morning. Read the rest of this entry »

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#857: Watch Making a Murderer

If you haven’t seen this series yet (in which case I have to assume you don’t have Netflix or else have some really amazing things going on in your life that called you away from being a lazy slob in front of the TV all weekend), there may be some spoilers ahead.

Really, the biggest spoiler is what I said about the original true-crime mystery obsession, Serial: I want everyone to be telling the truth.

What’s most interesting to me though isn’t whether the accused (and punished) is actually guilty.  It’s not how messed up our court system appears to be.  It’s people’s reactions to the follow-up articles claiming not all of the information was presented in the documentary. Read the rest of this entry »

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