#856: Visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion

03 Jan

The oldest house in Manhattan has to have ghosts, right?

I mean, if you believe in ghosts. Or even if you don’t, I guess, because I imagine ghosts don’t need you to believe in them to exist. (Or do they? I’ve only seen one season of American Horror Story so am not entirely sure of the protocol.)

George Washington stayed at the Morris-Jumel Mansion in 1776, Aaron Burr lived there while married to Eliza Jumel, and Eliza was said to have possibly killed her other husband.

I didn’t see any ghosts while walking through the mansion, but there were several rooms whose doors were locked, so I have to assume the ghosts might be holed up in there. (Again, I don’t know all of the specifics in ghost rules, so while it seems like they would be able to pass through the doors, who knows?)

Without spirits to liven up the atmosphere, the house was just a really old house, but it was impressive just for still standing, I think, and for its elevated terrace of raised houses leading up to it that looks like it belongs somewhere else–anywhere else, actually, besides in the middle of Washington Heights.

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