#859: Georgia Aquarium

11 Jan

This aquarium is the largest in the western hemisphere, so it gives visitors plenty of opportunity to showcase how otherwise intelligent human beings can be incredibly rude and insensitive.

I’m not usually on board with zoo-bashing. Though I love animals and don’t want them to be in distress, I also really like to see them up close, so typically I conveniently forget that animals in captivity may not be completely comfortable.

But it was impossible to ignore at the aquarium when adults kept tapping on the glass, trying to get the animals to swim over or wake up or pay attention to them.

I understand we’re a pretty entitled bunch, we humans, but to think these sea creatures owe you something just because you’ve paid some money (which, by the way, is not a recognized currency in the ocean–even if it were, it would disintegrate before you could do anything with it) to other humans is absurdly arrogant.

Why should a sea otter poke his head above a log so you can snap a picture of it? Why would a whale come to your obnoxious hands hitting the edge of its enclosure?

I guess it’s not surprising, considering how many people expect other creatures of their own species to exist solely for their own wishes. Extending that to the underwater world isn’t much of a stretch.

And judging by how many parents were exhibiting the intrusive behavior, I have to imagine there’s a whole new generation just waiting to pound on the glass of an aquarium. Not every circle of life should be completed.

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