#865: Go to a Polish wedding

07 Feb

Polish ceremony. Polish bread tradition at the reception. Polish songs. Polish dancing.

But otherwise, it was a pretty typical wedding, which was both nice and disappointing. Disappointing only because I like experiencing new cultures, and I had so much fun learning Greek dancing at my friend’s Greek wedding. Nice because there’s something comforting in the idea that no matter where you’re from or what language you speak, the celebration of love is pretty much the same.

There were some slightly depressing parts of both the ceremony and reception–during the ceremony the priest mentioned that it was a “hard decision” to get married, and during the reception, there was a lot of talk of the hardships that hopefully the new husband and wife wouldn’t have to face. I told my mom about it and she said it was probably because the Polish people have a tough history, so they know about bleakness.

And hey, even though a marriage is a joyous occasion, who doesn’t enjoy a little guarded happiness just to remind us things may not always be so pleasant?

I’m a quarter Polish, and that makes sense to me.

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