#866: Paste without formatting

12 Feb

Yesterday it was announced that gravitational waves have been discovered in the universe. If you are reading this in the far future, or if you have a better grasp of the fascinating time/space stuff I’ve always been interested in but never had the patience to learn fully about, you may know both how remarkable this is and also what it means for science, and human knowledge in general.

I, however, only know what I skimmed in this article.

So all I can tell you is that the people who discovered this incredible science thing, which it does truly pain me to admit I don’t really understand, probably felt something like I did when I learned there is a keyboard command to paste text without formatting.

I had only recently realized there was a command to strip away the formatting after you’ve pasted something. That there was one that could eliminate the need to ever use it? Inconceivable.

And yet, I’d always thought there must be one. Sure, it’s a little different in my situation since I could have just searched online to find out the command I wished for did in fact exist. Slightly different, I guess, than what those extremely intelligent scientists had to do to prove gravitational waves did in fact exist.

But the mind-blowing feeling once the discovery had been made? Whether it was a result of years of research, hours of concentration, lifetimes of devotion, or, in my case, a random tweet that told me about it–it’s a pretty cool feeling.

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