#872: All the Single Ladies

02 Mar

Going to a panel discussion about the new book by the same name was a last-minute decision. My plans changed and I was free that night, and I was curious about just what sort of lecture this would be, and what sort of people it would attract.

Single ladies, of course. But also some un-single women, and some men. All liberal, all feminists. So pretty much what you would expect.

But I wasn’t expecting to feel so connected to them. I tend not to willingly subscribe to any sort of “extreme” agenda–mostly because it’s hard for me to see things in black and white like people firm in their beliefs often do. And there have been times I haven’t necessarily wanted to associate myself with the “single and proud” movement.

Listening to these women last night though made me realize that 1.) I don’t have to be single and proud to be a feminist, 2.) wanting the ability to be single without apology is not in any way extreme but simply what should be reality, and 3.) I am always connected to these women because I am a woman. No man can know what it’s like to grow up as a girl, and there aren’t enough words to make them understand. All we can do is keep fighting to find more, so that maybe one day there won’t have to be panels on how single women need to get men to let them harness their power in the world.

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