#879: Bodie Method Fitness

24 Mar

Some people really like this class according to the reviews. It’s the only workout class they have ever liked. It has changed their lives.

I believe them.

I also believe the psychological nightmare it was for me, from the instructor personally moving me into the right position for every move since I was the only new student (and there were only 2 others in the class), to the other students continuously telling me I’d eventually get it and everyone starts out not being able to do anything right, to not being able to do anything right, to the instructor’s habit of laughing when I told him I physically couldn’t move that way.

I believe it is a good workout, as it targets muscles you never use otherwise, like the ones in the side area of your butt. I believe I have no real need to target the muscles in the side of my butt.

In the end, the thing I enjoyed most about the class was that I went as part of a deal that gave me unlimited classed for 2 months, but it was a good enough deal that I don’t really mind losing out on the money by never returning. I also liked that it was in a building with a lot of other classes for dance and theater people, including audition rooms, so I got to see what it would be like to be a dance or theater person without having to actually be a dance or theater person.

I guess in the sense that I now know I deeply dislike this fitness method, it has changed my life, too.

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