#884: Use Uber

13 Apr

Why I’ve never used Uber before is not complicated. When people first started talking about it, my smartphone hardly worked (thanks to Apple’s careful design of forcing customers to upgrade to newer models every few months) and I couldn’t download anything onto it. Then, once I got a functional smartphone (that has already become almost obsolete), I was always with someone who had Uber on their own phone when requiring it.

Now that I’ve experienced for myself the joy of being able to pay less than a third of what a taxi charges for the same ride between Disney World and the Orlando airport, I can whole-heartedly say I’m a fan.

I saw something the other day that a friend has posted saying, “This is why women will delete the Uber app on April 15” but didn’t click on it. I’ll have to find out why eventually because I don’t want to inadvertently support a business that is purposely doing something bad to women. But I’m going to delay that until the last possible second because deleting the app I just downloaded that essentially just provides deal after deal (surge pricing not included) is going to be tough for someone who loves deals as much as I do.

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