#885: Use Bluetooth

15 Apr

It took me nearly 4 months after I received Bluetooth headphones for Christmas (after specifically asking for them) to actually use them. I’d been waiting till I could more easily run again–because somehow I still think one day I will magically recover from whatever it is that makes me unable to run more than a half mile without stopping–since I thought I was really going to love Bluetooth, and I wanted it to be a special treat.

That’s not really that long when you consider there are some gifts I have from years ago that I still haven’t used. There’s something about receiving presents that makes me want to savor them before putting them to use. Whether it’s because when I was younger (and okay, also now) I would tend to inadvertently break things I had, or whether it’s just because using something means one day it will cease to work as well as it once had (I can’t think of anything that infinitely gets better with use), I like to keep things neatly in their original packaging for as long as I can bear.

Was Bluetooth really that amazing? No. It was decent; it only cut out a couple of times. But was it worth holding off for 4 months before trying? No. Will that motivate me to put the new sheets I was given 5 years ago that are still in their plastic covering on my bed tonight? No.

I never claimed to fully understand myself.

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