#886: Play Paperback

16 Apr

It incorporates a few things I love: books, word play, and games. However, it also forces you to do something I don’t love: pay attention to multiple things at once.

Putting aside the fact that it took at least 20 minutes to set up, the game requires players to remember that on their last turn they played a card that meant they could play an extra card on the next turn. I forgot–and lost out on the opportunity–at least 3 times throughout the game. I also would have won if I’d realized I played a hand that would have gotten me 5 extra points, instead of realizing and pointing out to my opponent that he played a hand that got him 5 extra points.

Maybe game experts don’t mind, or maybe they’re more experienced keeping track of different details while playing, but for someone who has trouble focusing on more than one thing at a time, it was stressful playing Paperback.

I still like the game, and I’ll play it again. But I’ll probably lose due to lack of attention next time as well.

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