#891: Be the copy girl

27 Apr

The copy girl is the woman on Friends with whom Ross hooks up when he and Rachel are “on a break.”

I didn’t actually hook up with the Ross in this story, but I just found out the Rachel in this story was my copy girl. Are you following me? Okay, I’ll start at the beginning.

Last year I briefly dated a guy who thought of me as just another in a long line of women he dated. He was one of those don’t-know-how-to-be-alone men.

Yesterday, I saw a post on social media from his current girlfriend announcing it was the one year anniversary of her first date with the guy, which happened to be the day before he dumped me. So, this girl was my copy girl, since they got together when we weren’t broken up. To be fair to her, it’s very possible he told her he was single before he had the guts to make it true. To be fair to him, he hadn’t even hinted at breaking up, and he hadn’t started a conversation about going on a break or taking a breather or anything.

Anyway, a few months later, after not hearing from the guy since he’d started dating this other woman, I got a text from him. He wanted to hang out. I was dating someone else by then, but since I’m insanely naive and gullible, I said okay, thinking we would be meeting up as friends. The next day, I went to a party and overheard his friends talking about how he’d just gotten back together with the girl. I never heard from him again. Which of course means he had only been trying to hang out with me because he’d broken up with the other woman.

Whether they had actually broken up or were just on a break isn’t clear. Whether the girl knows her boyfriend tried to go out with his ex immediately after they broke up–or went on a break–is a mystery. Whether she would care if she knew also isn’t something I can possibly know, and why they’re celebrating a year together when they weren’t together for the full year isn’t something I can possibly care about.

All I know is that being the copy girl, even unwittingly, even without hooking up with the Ross, isn’t a good feeling. I would never want to stand in the way of Ross and Rachel.

Thanks to this situation, now I wonder if I’ve been the copy girl other times without knowing it. But I think I can stop anyone from ever being the copy girl again with these 2 simple rules. Before you date/kiss/marry someone, please:

1.) If you think you’re broken up but aren’t sure, confirm first.

2.) If you want to be broken up, make sure you are first.

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