#899: Ballet Academy East

23 Jun

Taking an introductory ballet class 9 years after the last time I put on ballet shoes (for my adult intro class as an innocent 23 year old) and 22 years after I stopped taking dance lessons as a child, I wondered several things:

  • Have I really gotten so much less flexible after almost a decade that a low leg lift almost broke me?
  • What will I do if this instructor who keeps singling people out for doing things incorrectly draws attention to me?
  • Am I a lot worse at ballet now that I’m an adult, or am I just more self conscious?

I didn’t have a chance to answer any of these questions, but an additional one I had after the class was:

  • How can my legs hurt so much from an introductory ballet class?
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Posted by on June 23, 2016 in Sports



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