#906: Do ballet outside

12 Jul

This ballet barre class at Brooklyn Bridge Park was probably the first free thing I’ve ever done in the city that wasn’t packed.

It was also a little ridiculous, since the barre was so short I couldn’t reach it from my height. So instead of barre time, I had balance time. Then the part when the instructor taught choreography did not exactly include ballet steps. I didn’t mind that, since we were in sneakers, after all, but I did mind how obnoxious the teacher was.

It wasn’t his fault. I just didn’t realize he was going to be a professional ballet teacher who comments on everything constantly, thinks he’s hilarious, and doesn’t demonstrate things. Luckily I used to take ballet or I’d be even more lost than I was, since he moved quickly and didn’t allow questions.

The best part of the class was finding out there are little grills along the river in the park that you can use while you watch the gorgeous sunset over the water.

The worst part was I somehow got a cut on my leg that was bleeding. If anyone ever tries to tell you ballet isn’t a contact sport, don’t believe them.

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