#912: Wasabi Kit Kat

13 Sep

Things I dislike more than the wasabi Kit Kat I tried yesterday:

  1. The fact that I tried it because a coworker brought it back from her business trip to Kyoto.
  2. The fact that my coworker got to travel to Japan and I’m scheduled for a trip to Minnesota later this year.
  3. The fact that I’m so angry that life is unfair.
  4. The fact that I wasted perfectly good calories on something I didn’t like.
  5. The fact that I’m now wasting perfectly good letters writing about something I didn’t like.
  6. The fact that despite the recognition of #5, I continue to add more points.
  7. The fact that I knew before I tried the candy I wouldn’t like it, yet I tried it anyway just because it was something new.
  8. The fact that the thought of trying new things just for the sake of trying new things¬†annoys me, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that and it’s the entire point of this blog.

So, I dislike a lot of things. But the wasabi Kit Kat is a close 9th.


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Posted by on September 13, 2016 in Food/Drink


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