#914: North Brooklyn Boat Club

18 Sep

Having attended a party/concert/fundraiser at North Brooklyn Boat Club, you would think I’d have some idea of what the organization is or does.

I do have some idea–it’s something to do with boats, and Brooklyn.

But if you would think I’d have a more specific idea than that, you would be forgetting that when I discover a cheap or cool event, I latch on to a couple of details about it (in this case, that it was outside on the last official weekend of summer and walkable from Long Island City) and decide it’s worth attending.

My friends kept asking me what North Brooklyn Boat Club was as well, and they were also forgetting that of the many events I drag them to, it’s only a select few that I really know much more than they do about what they’ve been dragged to do.

Sometimes my desire to try new things can lead to disappointment. If the event is too crowded, or too weird (not possible in a true sense, but possible when it comes to weighing whether my friends will stay longer than 2 minutes), or too far from what I had expected in a bad way, it will be deemed a risk that didn’t pay off. Luckily, the fundraiser last night was similar to what I’d thought it would be, and we stayed for 2 whole hours.

And while I still haven’t made the effort to look up exactly what North Brooklyn Boat Club does, I feel confident my admission fee will be going to a good cause–or at the very least, to something having to do with boats and Brooklyn.


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Posted by on September 18, 2016 in NYC


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