#917: Underwest Donuts

16 Oct

I love festive celebrations, so I often take a trip to Sleepy Hollow during the fall. Last year, we tried to visit a restaurant I’d been to a couple years earlier, but it was so crowded we couldn’t even get on the list. This year, we decided to go at an in-between time to have a better chance.

At 3:15pm, I was told it would be an hour and 45-minute wait. The manager suggested we could try the attached beer garden but there probably wouldn’t be enough space there, either. He also said to come back and let him know if we decided not to wait.

There was no room at the beer garden, and since the next ferry back to the city was at 6:30, we wouldn’t have enough time if we had to wait as long as we were quoted. So, I came back and asked whether it would be a shorter wait if we split up our group of 6. The waitress said it would actually be longer (somehow). I told her we weren’t going to wait, at which point the manger gave me a fist bump and thanked me, saying I was the first person who’d come back to let them know.

Half of my group left to catch the 3:30 ferry, and the other half stayed, put their name in at the restaurant, and were seated in 15 minutes. The manager told them it never takes as long as they quote because many parties don’t stay and wait.

Apparently, this information wasn’t something he had seen fit to tell me, despite the fact that I very obviously wanted to eat there since I offered to split up our group.

Blame it on my bad luck (which is what I am blaming it on), or blame it on the good luck of my friend. Either way, the Bridge View Tavern has lost a potential customer, as I’m never going to try to eat there again. They don’t care, since they are so popular they will always be packed during October. But if I were running a business, I would do everything I could to keep a customer, especially if all I had to do was tell them the quoted wait times usually aren’t as long as they say.

The good news is because we went back on an earlier ferry, as we walked to a nearby restaurant we stumbled upon Underwest Donuts, which keeps popping up on Best Donuts lists.

Maybe the donuts were a little pricey for their size, but the flavors were great, and they stayed moist even overnight. They can count me as a happy customer, though they probably also don’t care because I’m hardly ever in that neighborhood.


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