#919: Have an office

25 Oct

…with a door.

Maybe you don’t realize how big of a deal this is.

Maybe you are 22, like my coworker who has just graduated from college, has the same title as I do, and also has her own office with a door. Maybe you’ve only ever worked in the suburbs where there’s space for such conveniences, or at a company that didn’t latch onto the “open office plan” like a baby who doesn’t want his mommy to leave. Maybe you work at home where the only interruption to your concentration comes when the mail gets delivered and your dog goes crazy.

Maybe it’s understandable if you can’t quite comprehend the excitement that comes with having 4 walls surrounding your personal space, and a door that opens and closes (and locks!).

So let me make it clear: it is a huge deal, and I don’t care that it’s taken me an entire decade to finally have it. In fact, if there weren’t small windows in the door, I would have spent the first half hour of my new job lying on my desk doing breaststroke arms off the side, simply because I could.

Maybe I will do that tomorrow, even with the windows.

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