#922: Yo-Burger

06 Nov

According to many reviewers of this place in the Bronx, it’s a combination between Shake Shack and In-and-Out.

I can’t speak to its In-and-Outness, since the one and only time I’ve been to the California chain was about a decade ago, but Yo-Burger does resemble Shake Shack in its prices.

Those who love Shake Shack will claim the outrageous price-to-size ratio of its burgers is worth it, and that’s fine for all of you. But for someone who isn’t satisfied with a slightly-larger-than-McDonald’s patty as a meal, it’s an issue.

Yo-Burger did a little better in the size category, I suppose. I still had to get fries and a (runny and disappointing) milkshake to fill up.

I’d visit again when in the neighborhood, simply because the food came quickly, and I sat in the front of the restaurant alone for a half hour waiting for my dining companion without feeling like I was taking up space or in the way of customers.

I’d visit more often if–well, if I found myself in the Bronx more often, but also–it didn’t cost $5 for a pretty small burger.

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