#925: See Zootopia

15 Nov

Two things to know about this movie:

  1. The title reminds me of the word zoologist, which reminds me of a high school science teacher who harped on the correct pronunciation of zo-ologist, not zoo-ologist, and while I know he’s right, I will never understand why that has to be the case. It sounds so much better the zoo way.
  2. The fact that it’s taken me so long to finally see a movie I really wanted to see might begin to show how I can have made it so far in life without having seen classic films. Not why, but at least how.

The thing to know about this movie that may actually interest you is a whole other point.

It was obvious to me, as an adult watching the movie right after the presidential election, that there were many parallels between the animal kingdom presented in the film and our current national situation. Racism, prejudice, lying politicians–Zootopia had it all. It even had an awful villain who got ahead based on fear.

I did a quick search of “Zootopia Trump” to see whether anyone else had seen the picture so clearly and…yeah. Of course. It was all over the media, and has been all year.

The more interesting search result was the one leading to a subreddit for Trump supporters, explaining how the movie was pro-Trump and the not-quite-as-villainous, bad-for-the-right-reasons character actually represented the president-elect.

It’s been hard lately to ignore the public opinions we’d rather not acknowledge. It’s going to be impossible to ignore them once our government is inundated with them. But somehow I still keep forgetting how murky the line between “good” and “evil” can be when you’re not a character in a Disney movie.


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