#932: Sensory deprivation

16 Jan

So much of life involves managing expectations.

I know it’s not supposed to be healthy to always expect the worst, but I have to think I wouldn’t have been as disappointed if I had expected these things about my sensory deprivation experience:

  • That they would call the day before to say the tank was broken and my appointment would have to be rescheduled
  • That they would immediately call back and say it might be fixed, so they’d let me know the next day
  • That they wouldn’t let me know the next day so I had to call to check
  • That the appointment would start 25 minutes late
  • That the description on their own website about how the experience begins (with soft lights and music, which appear again at the end) was just completely false
  • That I would be fumbling around in a pitch-black space after I turned the room lights off, which the staff member had said was the first step
  • That when I finally turned the lights back on so I could turn the light on in the tank, I found brown specks floating in the water
  • That I could hear everything going on around me, including doors banging shut, footsteps pounding down the hall, extremely loud, shouting people that were a part of a teacher training program renting out the upstairs, pipes adjusting
  • That a spa would rent out the upstairs to an extremely loud, shouting teacher training program
  • That the salt didn’t make me as float-y as I’d thought, so it was difficult to find a comfortable position
  • That time stands still in a sensory deprivation chamber
  • That because the session hadn’t started the way it was described on the website, I spent half the time afraid that it also wouldn’t end properly, so I wouldn’t know when to get out, and I’d spend the rest of my life in this dark chamber counting to 60 over and over

If I had expected all of these things–well, I wouldn’t have tried it. And I’m glad I tried it. But I would never do it again. If there is ever any information I have that you would like, just threaten me with sensory deprivation and I will give it up immediately.

I did the hour-long session, and there is a 2-hour session. I’m pretty sure that one is reserved specifically for trying to get information out of people.

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