#941: SculptureCenter

26 Mar

I’ve run by the side street where the SculptureCenter is located at least 10 times over the past few years without having any idea it was there.

It might be because the area surrounding it is mostly comprised of construction sites.

But luckily for the museum, my situation is apparently more rare than I would’ve thought, as there were plenty of other visitors when I arrived yesterday.

The basement looks like a dungeon, and there’s a narrow corridor that, if I ever find it out it hasn’t been specifically set up as a place for a horror movie victim to be chased, I’ll be surprised. So that’s cool.

On the day I visited, there was a free performance of some sort that I couldn’t even begin to understand. Add another point for art world legitimacy.

Plus, the exhibit on the first floor featured sculptures made out of chocolate.

I’ll go ahead and say it: SculptureCenter, I’m sorry I’ve passed by you for so long without seeing you. You’re absolutely worth noticing, and while I know you already know it (not least of all because your gift shop sells a $42 mini chocolate sculpture), I have to think it must be nice to hear it from someone once in a while, too.

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