#948: Swim before work

21 Apr

There is a school of thought–I’m not sure I subscribe to it–that says exercising in the morning is a good practice. It sets a precedent for your day and inspires you to make better choices throughout it.

While I’m skeptical about all of that, I have often thought about how nice it would be to swim before work. Since it’s the only thing I’ve yet to discover that clears my head and calms me down, creating this effect in the morning, before work pressures have stressed me out or exhausted me, seems to make sense.

I didn’t used to work close enough to a rec center to test this hypothesis, and then, once I did, I was still wary about having to go through the work day with wet hair.

Yesterday, I admitted I sometimes go days without seeing anyone at work and just went for it.

It was nice. I got up early, swam in a nearly-empty pool, aside from the person doing vigorous kicking next to me, and went to work.

And then, because my hair was wet and my office smelled like chlorine from the towel and bathing suit hanging in it, 3 different people decided to come meet with me that day.


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