#950: Be called an artist

03 May

True, it was at the start of a rejection email for a piece I submitted to an exhibit.

Also true: I only submitted something because I’d been to the gallery before and seen plenty of pieces I could have created, so I thought the bar was pretty low.

Also true: It probably was very low.

But also true: The email said “Dear artist,” and even though I knew back when I prepared my submission they likely weren’t going to consider my writing projects “samples” for something I had planned to hang on a wall, I still felt boosted a bit by the notion that a form letter would give me the same title as others who actually are artists.

It didn’t carry me through my day or anything, this pleased feeling, but it made me smile for a second, and due to circumstances having nothing to do with my “art,” that’s been hard to do otherwise lately.


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