#953: Eat tempeh bacon

10 May

A coworker gave me a free lunch coupon from MealPal (which, by the way, is supposed to allow you to skip the line at restaurants and have your meal already waiting for you when you get there to pick it up–neither happened). So, I tried something out of my comfort zone.

Could tempeh bacon pass for real bacon? No way. Was it a not entirely unpleasant experience overall? Sure. Did it help that the wrap in which the tempeh bacon was encased also contained avocado and a yummy sauce? Oh yeah.

I’m sure the big draw for restaurants signed up with MealPal is that it’s supposed to entice people to visit these places more often. In my case, I doubt I’ll ever be back. But that’s not tempeh bacon’s fault. I simply need more than soy to fill me up–and I also almost never have time to leave the office to go get lunch.

It’s okay though; the long line of people waiting to purchase $11 vegan bowls and veggie sandwiches suggests this particular restaurant won’t miss me.

Though because I had the free meal, I figured I’d support the business a little by splurging on a $4.50 brownie for dessert. I’d never do it again, but it was the best brownie I’ve had in a very long time and it made me happy for a very long time after I was finished.

It was not vegan.

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