#954: Drink JPOP

13 May

“It’s a little fatty,” the waitress said, pinching her side, after I ordered a Chinese dish called Beijing style dalumen.

“Uh…” I said. “Does that mean I shouldn’t get it? It’s not good?”

Or you’re warning me I may get fat if I eat it?

She looked at me blankly.

“Do you mean the meat is fatty?” I finally asked, thinking maybe people had complained about fatty meat, so she now felt it was her duty to say it in advance.



I ended up ordering it because it was something different from the rest of the menu consisting of ramen, but I didn’t feel good about my decision, knowing the restaurant’s own employees had tried to dissuade me from trying it (maybe? I’m still not quite sure).

It was fine–nothing spectacular. The meat was fairly fatty.

I also ordered a JPOP, because at the bottom of the sake menu that I read in its entirety while waiting for my dining companion was this drink described as a “cocktail” that, when introduced to Japan in 1984, became the country’s “favorite alcoholic beverage.” And it was only $3.

It was good–nothing spectacular. It tasted like juice.

I like to think it soaked up some of the fat.



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