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#945: Cry over spilled beer

When I was younger, my parents gave me a beautifully designed book for Easter. I brought it to school one day and I don’t remember the exact circumstances–whether I had it out in the rain, or dropped it in a puddle, or both–but it got soaked.

My mom dried it out, but the pages were forever crinkled, the cover a bit warped. I treasured it even more after that because I felt so terrible that it had gone through such an ordeal. Read the rest of this entry »

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#913: Book of the Month

Colleagues at work have been discussing their monthly subscription boxes for a while now. There are so many I can’t keep track, but they’re mostly ones with beauty supplies, which don’t interest me because I don’t really use them. Perhaps a subscription box could be just what I need to propel me to finally start using makeup at age 32, but alas. Books are more enticing.

They got me by offering a 3-month deal that included a free tote bag. I could probably move to a new apartment by filling tote bags instead of cardboard boxes, yet I still get excited about a free tote bag. Some things never change.

Unfortunately, the Book of the Month club disappointed me–in several ways. Read the rest of this entry »

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#849: Read Infinite Home

Before hearing what I’m going to say about this book, you should know I generally have no interest in reading extensive details. I don’t need a lengthy description of a character’s background or motives or personality. I like plot and dialogue, preferably those that move quickly.

So. Read the rest of this entry »

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#836: Read The Yellow Wallpaper

When a character on American Horror Story mentioned this short story, I thought she referred to how the main character’s husband was trying to make her think she was going crazy, something a la Gaslight.  I’m either misremembering, or misinterpreting the story, because what I got from it was that the main character actually was going crazy.

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#764: Read Bukowski

The first time I wanted to read Bukowski was when I discovered a bar named Bukowski Tavern in Boston during college.  I never went there–I think because (aside from the fact that I wasn’t legally able to until my last year in the city) I hadn’t read anything by its namesake and thought I should at least know something about his writing before frequenting the bar, a notion that seems silly now and probably seemed silly back then as well–but I always wanted to.

The second time I wanted to read Bukowski was when I discovered the Modest Mouse song, “Bukowski,” also in Boston during college.  It wasn’t so much that I loved the song–there were a few from that band I liked better–but it was somehow all caught up with the bar and the mysterious author I hadn’t read, and so it fueled my desire to read his stuff even more.

The third time I wanted to read Bukowski was ever since, whenever I would nostalgically think of that bar, and that song, and wonder why I never got around to reading anything by that guy.   Read the rest of this entry »


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#757: Check out an ebook

I’m not an ebook person.  I have a kindle, and I do think it’s extremely convenient to be able to store multiple books on my phone for those annoying subway waiting periods without having to lug around physical copies. But I still like to hold and flip through paper books; I doubt that will ever change.

Yet even I have to admit that checking out an ebook from the library was ridiculously easy and fast and a very useful way to obtain my work book club’s book for the month.

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#727: Read Tenth of December

10th of December, 2011: Reeling from a breakup a month prior, just after having quit a job without a plan, I am hoping against hope (a weird idiom) that a prospective freelance gig will pull through–not so much for the money and sense of self-worth, which I need, but to give me something to concentrate on other than my failed relationship, which I need more desperately.  I’m playing a lot of Christmas songs on the piano in my underwear to help calm me down.

10th of December, 2012: I’ve now been back in New York after a 5 month hiatus for 5 months, and the job I have is slowly draining my passion for living, but instead of focusing on that, I am spending my free time writing entries for a joke tumblr called Reasons to Date Us Before the World Ends (you know, that whole Mayan calendar thing?).  I haven’t yet met the man who tells me the first book he will suggest for his soon-to-be-started book club is Tenth of December by George Saunders, but I will in a few weeks.

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