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#920: Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Perhaps a functional church doesn’t seem the likeliest of places to attend a screening of the first (intentional) horror movie accompanied by live organ music, followed by a parade of ghouls and other demonic figures.

Perhaps it seems practically anti-religious to view The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari after watching a skeleton play the cello.

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#841: Celebrate Diwali

Not as in for real.  Not as in the actual traditions.  Not even as in watching The Office “Diwali” episode (Netflix was down).

But I did try Soan Papdi because a coworker brought them back from a trip to India.

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#124: Theology on Tap

(In case you’re not familiar with the program, Theology on Tap is another way of saying, “hey, we’re trying to make religion fun for young people by holding a lecture at a bar.”)

Yesterday’s topic was “end-of-life issues,” things like how far should you go to sustain a life that is likely to end soon anyway, and what medical procedures should you have performed when it’s probable that no procedure will help.

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