Wow, one new thing every day.  That’s pretty impressive.  Actually, that’s a fairly ambitious goal for someone who can’t even stick to her goal of not checking her email twenty trillion times every day.  What makes you think you’re going to reach it?

-Good point.  But I’ve decided this is the year of having faith in myself.

Why this year?

-I’ve spent over 2 decades having faith in other people and I figured it was time to try having some in myself.

And you think you’ll be able to do that simply by trying new things?

-You know what?  I really don’t know.  Maybe I will give up halfway through the year or even halfway through the first month.  But I have to try because the old things I had been doing weren’t working, and, despite how it may appear if you happen to come across my couch while a Chopped marathon is on tv, I’m not content sitting back and just letting things happen.  I have to do something, even if it’s the wrong thing.

Oh, are you one of those people who hate the phrase, “it is what it is” because you refuse to accept that you have no control over certain things in life?

-Why yes, I am.  Thanks for noticing.

So this is your way of feigning control?  By trying something new every day?  You think that with all of the nonsensical and chaotic situations out there in the world, if you can just approach each day with the idea that when you try something new there will be a better outcome, then there might really be?  That maybe this time your new thing will make all of the old things worth it?

-Now you’re catching on.

Okay, one more thing: pairofpastepants?  What’s that all about?

-Clearly you didn’t read the About page.


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