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#950: Be called an artist

True, it was at the start of a rejection email for a piece I submitted to an exhibit.

Also true: I only submitted something because I’d been to the gallery before and seen plenty of pieces I could have created, so I thought the bar was pretty low.

Also true: It probably was very low.

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#813: See The End of the Tour

I may never finish Infinite Jest.  Let’s just get that out there from the start.

I intended to, really, I did, even if only to prove to myself it was, in fact, one giant jest.  But we’re coming up on 4 years now and I’m only somewhere around the middle, having not touched the book for around 2 years, except when I’m moving it to dust behind my bedside table. Sure, it’s possible I’ll pick it back up again at some point, since it truly is something I would like to get through.  I’m just saying that if you told me to pick 10 books to read, and I would be guaranteed not to die before finishing them, well, I’d probably only need just the one.

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#618: Own art from a museum

The Paweł Althamer, “The Neighbors” exhibit at the New Museum was one I’d meant to visit but didn’t get around to in time.  Luckily, this is an example of bad timing turning into good timing.

Now that the original exhibit has ended, they’re cutting up the wall and letting visitors take home pieces.  As someone who loves museums but not necessarily the hands-off aspect of them, I just think this is so extremely cool.

Not only do I now own a piece of art that was hanging in a museum, but it’s one that was contributed to by so many people in the city. I can see the multiple layers of paper plastered over one another, and the many vibrant colors painted on top of each other, and though I have no idea who exactly painted the part I have, or what the larger picture looked like, I can imagine what a diverse set of human beings worked together–mostly unknowingly–to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Posted by on April 25, 2014 in Art


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#560: Watch Tiny Furniture

The reason I finally watched Tiny Furniture is because I was alone on New Year’s Eve, which is also a new thing (I mean alone in the not speaking to or seeing any other person sense, and not in the not dating anyone sense, the latter of which is a state I have celebrated roughly 23-24 New Year’s Eves in).  But even though I will tell you right here in type that being alone was mostly my own doing–I was recovering from a sickness so didn’t make plans and then on the day when I panicked for not having plans and invited myself into two different third wheel situations I realized I really shouldn’t be going out while on antibiotics, and then proceeded to tell the person I wanted to spend New Year’s with the most not to come spend New Year’s with me because I’m just that dumb–I’m still too ashamed at my lameness to use “Spend New Year’s Eve alone” as my new thing for the day.

So I was watching this movie, which I expected not to like, because I expected to be very annoyed at its creator, Lena Dunham. Read the rest of this entry »

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