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#953: Eat tempeh bacon

A coworker gave me a free lunch coupon from MealPal (which, by the way, is supposed to allow you to skip the line at restaurants and have your meal already waiting for you when you get there to pick it up–neither happened). So, I tried something out of my comfort zone.

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#559: Eat bacon white chocolate guacamole

I’m not suggesting it was the unusual flavor combination of the guacamole at Momocho that made the meal go so smoothly–two children under 4 years old and not one tantrum the entire time.

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#546: Eat a bacon chocolate chip cookie

I often joke in an it’s-not-really-funny way that my life is like the first part of a romantic comedy, where everything is screwed up, nothing’s going right, and there are plenty of tears that might be amusing to someone watching but not to the character experiencing it.

But yesterday, I really felt like I was in a movie.  Or at least a TV show.

When I checked into my hotel and the guy said, “There are two people staying in the room?” and I automatically said yes, I knew the audience was thinking, “Aw, poor thing; she’s too ashamed to tell this stranger it’s just going to be her after all.”

When he said a name for me to confirm and I nodded, I heard the audience whisper, “Why can’t she just say, ‘Actually, there’s been a change of plans’?”

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