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#948: Swim before work

There is a school of thought–I’m not sure I subscribe to it–that says exercising in the morning is a good practice. It sets a precedent for your day and inspires you to make better choices throughout it.

While I’m skeptical about all of that, I have often thought about how nice it would be to swim before work. Since it’s the only thing I’ve yet to discover that clears my head and calms me down, creating this effect in the morning, before work pressures have stressed me out or exhausted me, seems to make sense.

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#938: Go water running

The person who invented the float belt you wear while water running in deep water had little understanding of the human body’s shape. Let me rephrase that. Like the person who invented the FlipBelt, the person who invented the float belt did not take into account the shape of your average person.

Wait. What I really mean to say is I would be shocked to find out either of these accessories was invented by a woman.

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#921: Aqua Zumba

I’ve never even done regular Zumba, so what made me think I would be prepared for a water version in the middle of my second week at what is already the busiest, most exhausting job I’ve ever had, I don’t know.

Walking down the stairs to leave work, I decided I wouldn’t go. I was too tired. I was coming down with a cold. I needed to respect my body’s wishes and just go home and relax.

But then I realized that if I started down this slope, the steep one of only doing things when I felt like doing them, there was a very good chance I would never encounter a chairlift back up. Read the rest of this entry »

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#879: Bodie Method Fitness

Some people really like this class according to the reviews. It’s the only workout class they have ever liked. It has changed their lives.

I believe them.

I also believe the psychological nightmare it was for me, from the instructor personally moving me into the right position for every move since I was the only new student (and there were only 2 others in the class), to the other students continuously telling me I’d eventually get it and everyone starts out not being able to do anything right, to not being able to do anything right, to the instructor’s habit of laughing when I told him I physically couldn’t move that way. Read the rest of this entry »

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#802: Be catcalled in San Juan

“Why are you torturing yourself?” the man asked as I walked by, catching my breath after my run in 80% humidity, 80-degrees-feels-like-86 San Juan.

Fair enough.

“You’re so skinny.”

Not fair.  Getting skinnier is not on the list of reasons why I torture myself with running.

I smiled, trying to play along as I could tell this was not an opportunity to educate a local man about what is and is not appropriate to say to complete strangers on the street.

“You need to eat something.  Some meat is pretty,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

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#633: Run before work

The concept of going for a run before work is appealing.  You get it over with first thing; you set yourself up for a healthy day; you don’t have to worry about being too tired or busy after work to do it.

The actual execution of that concept?

You wake up.  You lie in bed for a while, telling yourself you’re “stretching” while knowing full well you’re just stalling the getting out of bed part of the procedure.  You get out of bed.  You open your computer.  You check the weather.  You answer a few emails.  You check the weather again. Read the rest of this entry »

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#613: Take a cycling class

The class was held behind a curtain in the corner of your typical start-up office space.  The bike was what I imagine a typical modern exercise bike would look like.  The instructor was talking to the wall as if the room were filled with students instead of 6 of us crammed into the makeshift “classroom.”

I don’t know anything about cycling, so I can’t say for sure whether the idea of selling a stationary bike with a screen attached for $2,000 and then charging a monthly fee to access the classes online is a brilliant business idea.

I can say that, as someone who has never taken a cycling class before, the workout wasn’t as bad as the brutal body bruising I received in the process: the muscle above my knee somehow got twisted, my ankle is now messed up, and my butt feels like I bounced on 2 pointy rocks for an hour. Read the rest of this entry »

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