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#950: Be called an artist

True, it was at the start of a rejection email for a piece I submitted to an exhibit.

Also true: I only submitted something because I’d been to the gallery before and seen plenty of pieces I could have created, so I thought the bar was pretty low.

Also true: It probably was very low.

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Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Art


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#941: SculptureCenter

I’ve run by the side street where the SculptureCenter is located at least 10 times over the past few years without having any idea it was there.

It might be because the area surrounding it is mostly comprised of construction sites.

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#793: Present Tension

A gallery downtown had an exhibit last week called, “But is it Art?” that played on the post-modern dilemma (or maybe not even a dilemma but just a question any regular person asks when viewing art these days) of what is considered art.  Is it art if you could do it yourself in 5 minutes?  If your kid could?  What about if your dog could?

I didn’t see the exhibit because I was held captive by a powerful sinus infection, but yesterday I saw an exhibit that I feel like could be an extension of that one.

“Present Tension” was a series of “somatic studies” that you complete with a partner–either a stranger or someone you brought with you. Read the rest of this entry »

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#742: It’s Not You

The art of the breakup text.  Has anyone mastered it?  Based on this exhibit that pairs paintings and prints with text messages the artist, Allison Wade, has either received or sent during real breakups, I’m going to guess the answer is no.

The exhibit is hilarious but also stirs up a feeling of comfort, like arriving at our childhood home, or settling down on the couch to slurp some soup, because who hasn’t been there?  Who hasn’t either sent or received a ridiculous message that could only look more ridiculous when slapped against a painted background or set into a wooden frame?

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#667: If You Build It

Presented by No Longer Empty, which has brought such gems as a creepy old bank vault in Queens, this exhibit was less dark and more cheerful overall.  Held in an under-construction building in Harlem that will soon be affordable housing, a child care center, and a children’s museum, the space highlighted the potential of what was coming without dwelling too much on what had passed.

Except for a part of the exhibit that showed Wanted posters, describing non-white men being wanted by the police for basically standing around.  This part was decidedly depressing, mostly because the posters did such a good job of explaining why these young men were stopped on the street (which was “no reason,” or “because they weren’t white”).  And I can’t help but draw the connection between the exhibit and the current events in Missouri.  I also can’t help but note that I will never know what that feels like. Read the rest of this entry »

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#648: Participate in street art

There is a strong possibility this random structure on the high line masquerading as “art” is really just a way for a crazy guy to collect donations to fund his own hobbies.

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#629: A Mercantile Novel

In the past, I’ve thought that some contemporary art is just an excuse to showcase things that no one else understands (but can’t admit it or else they’ll seem unsophisticated).  I still think that.  But I will support it as long as it opens a space for exhibits like this one.

“This one” being Oscar Murrilo’s A Mercantile Novel, which is essentially a small-scale chocolate factory, churning out chocolate-covered marshmallows for the public.

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Posted by on June 7, 2014 in Art


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